“Scent of a Woman,” a superb film.

Scent of a Women with Al Pacino review
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#My Dear World of Al Pacino
“Scent of a woman,” still today, does not leave anyone indifferent.

Little does the movie’s title represent its quirky plot, since as much as you could expected it, the film is neither a chick flick nor a romantic film. However, the story is far better that any hackneyed corny fable we might have come across.

“Scent of a woman,” is an over-hyped movie still today, which does not leave anyone indifferent.

The movie exceeds the ’viewers’ expectations in many ways. Starting 5with  its superb cast, the legendary genius, master of the Seventh Art, Al Pacino and the brilliant and beguiling Chris O’Donnell make a riveting match that 1 shine from the beginning to the end of the film.

The story unfolds with student of a prestigious American school, Charlie Simms, (Chris O’Donnell), who is looking for a home sitting job to carry out during the Thanks Giving weekend. Charlie is on a scholarship and cannot afford to travel home to see his family.

6 The Last night before the 7 holiday break, Charlie and one of his classmates, George, witness a group of students preparing a school prank that will be played the following day on the Headmaster, Mr. Trask, and as planned, he is publicly humiliated.

Mr. Trask finds out who happened to accidentally see the preparation of the show, and the two students are asked to attend 8 the school court after Thanks Giving, where they will be probably expelled if they do not give away the names of the ones who executed the 9. joke

Moreover, the Headmaster shows his darker side, and abusing his position of power, bribes the easy target, Charlie with writing him a letter of recommendation for Harvard, if he tells the names of the kids who run the show.

At the weekend, Charlie, starts his work, looking after Frank Slade (Al Pacino) an eccentric blind lieutenant who takes him on a trip to New York.  After a series of far-fetched hilarious events, the two characters bond closely and Charlie tells Frank his problem at school.

At the day of the school trial, Lieutenant Frank unexpectedly shows up at the court to support Charlie. Here comes the most outstanding moment of Al Pacino’s acting in the film, when with a witty 4 depiction of George, the wealthy snitcher and 4 enhancement  of the pure soul of Charlie, who, despite the bribe does not make any accusations.

I highly recommend this magnificent film that made a lasting impression on me the first time I 10 saw it in the cinema, and since then, however often I watch it I never tire of it.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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