Notting Hill: Vitamins for the Heart

Notting Hill with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts
#My Dear World of Movies
#The Dear World of Notting Hill
Notting Hill, a movie that leaves you with a smile on your face.

Who would have thought that a couple of Cute Meets between a stunning A-lister movie star and an ordinary frumpy book shop owner would end up in a love story?

This is the storyline in “Notting Hill,” a romantic comedy directed by Robert Michell that leaves you with a smile on your face when it ends. The movie is starred by the always glamorous Julia Roberts, who plays a first class Hollywood actress (Anna Scott), and the beguiling Hugh Grant showin as a floppy-haired and next-door guy (William Thacker), who runs a travel book shop.

The movie also gathers extraordinary secondary actors like Gina Mckee, as William’s sister (Bella); Tim Mc Innerny, as Bella’s Husband and William’s best friend (Max); and Rhys Ifans, as the William’s wacky and eccentric Welsh flatmate who provides the most hilarious, amusing and far-fetched situations in the film (Spike).

The picture is set in London, in the quaint neighbourhood named “Notting Hill,” hence its title, delighting the spectators with the colourful and cheerful surroundings of this beautiful and popular district.

The story starts with Anna going into the book shop where William works. Although, he is taken aback by the visit of the actress, he tries to play cool and hides his nervousness, caused by the overwhelming presence of the well-known star. A Few minutes later, William bumps into Anna when he goes to buy an orange juice and spils the drink all over her outfit. William offers for her to wash off the stain in his flat, which is close to the shop.

Anna and William, in spite of coming from very different worlds, when they are together, they are basically a boy and a girl. Besides, the actress enjoys with William some mundane events, such as Bella’s birthday party, where she meets his friends and behaves like the down-to-earth woman she really is deep-down.

Albeit, the main characters have to knock down some barriers towards the end of the plot, keeping the spectators on the edge of their seats, the movie finishes with a happy ending, suitable for those who in their late thirties or early forties have given up hope of finding their other half.

This is a very enjoyable chick flick with high quality acting and the best of the wittiest British humour. The storyline boils down to the fact that, however difficult it might seem, everyone has the likelihood of meeting his or her partner in crime in life.

The only quibbles to the film are its hackneyed plot and characters, since, at the end of the day, the movie tells the story of the alluring and wealthy actress who falls in love with a lovelorn ordinary civilian who shares a flat and mooches around in the streets of Notting Hill.

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